Friday, October 12, 2012

hello there...

i've been trying to post for some time now but have been having problems with the blog app on my ipad...sometimes technology is a pain in the you know what!!! so i got the laptop out and had to use it which is fine but it's way easier to post pics and i have more on my ipad than on the laptop.

any who things are looking up here on the porch my boss is getting happier about the store and my inventory numbers came back and they were down so work is not as stressful. i just need to find my creative spark again i have ideas and get all my supplies together and want to start stuff and then that's where it fizzles.

Well in the middle of this post the laptop crashed and won't load any of my prework so I'm posting this from my phone. The pic is a cell photo so I hope you can see it. The pair in the middle came from the postman today so I'm super excited!!
This is just how things have been going for me since I started my vaca on wed I haven't gotten a thing done.

Btw for anyone in Indiana come see us in the cabin for the fall open house tomorrow from 3-10 pm. Go to Beth's main street folkart blog or more details. I hope everyone is doing well and I will post again tomorrow night.