Monday, December 17, 2012

ranting #1

today, well i guess it was really yesterday, i finally had time before work to watch some news. it was hard i ended up crying. my thoughts and prayers are going out to those poor families involved with the school shooting. all those children just starting life and it being cut so short. they interviewed on of the people affected from the columbine shooting and he said from what he's learned from all the meetings he's spoke at in schools is that his generation doesn't value life like his parents do. this is a sad thought but we as a society need to really think about what is going on with our young people. there's a lot of violence in our lives and in schools these days and we need to teach them values.we have to at some point say enough is enough and take a stand. i don't have children but i'm thankful i don't because i feel like everything is so out of control everything. what happened to just doing good deeds for someone or doing something and not exspecting money in return? making memories with families and freinds...eating dinner at the table with no tv and no cell phones? try taking a phone away from a teenager...when people come to visit ask them to leave their phone in the car. call me crazy' say i'm being ridiculous but i just feel like society is going in the wrong direction.
my post tomorrows post will continue off of this.