Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 flooding

We have had so much rain over the past 4 days we had almost 4 1/2 inches come down last night in about 8 hours half of the town is shut down do to all the rads and bridges flooded. Here are a few pics I took this evening which has actually come down some from about 4 hours ago.

These top 3 pics are supposed to be the parking lot of the local golf course it probably is 20 feet deep and flooded out onto the course.

These pics are of the local park abt a mile from my house it is flooded to the top of the bridge and the entire park looks like a lake the whole thing is completely covered. in the past this bridge has gotten covered with water. i feel so bad for all the families in howard county that have been affected by this flooding. we are lucky because we have a retention pond out back so we have not even affected but my poor parents were up all night shop vacing because there basement started flooding in 2 different places.
Thank goodness we are going to have a couple of dry days before more rain comes in.
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