Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm sitting here in bed trying to decide if I want to get up. 2nd day of vaca and I need to get some work done but I can hear the train on the other side of town. Not sure what it is but I love the sound of trains and their horns... Maybe because as a child we took a couple of trips on a train or maybe because when I used to visit my nana in s.bend the train would run right behind here sisters house. I can remember it waking me up at night. Anyway that's my random thought this morning.

I think I'll just sit here and listen...it's dark and cloudy anyways.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Count down

5 days and then I'm on vaca... Woo hoo so excited I've waited all year. The other half is not taking time off so me and the boyfriend are spending the week together...doing some cleaning, reorganizing,cleaning out(my spring cleaning is in the fall or winter around Jan or feb ya I know weird but I never claimed to be normal), painting, antiquing and takin stuff to the food pantry. I will have a busy week. Don't forget if you're in town to come and say hi to me at the bitters sweet fall cabin show. I have been dilly dallying around and will have some new stuff for sale.
( I like the word dally my mama used to call me dad that ( spelled dallie though) his name is Dallas.
Any who I hope everyone's had a great weekend mine was busy I had to work and as always lots going on.
Two things: one I'm hopin to list some stuff in the shop...
2nd I want your opinion the other half wants to go to Vegas... I'm not sure that's my kinda town I don't think I'll have fun. Let me know what u think.

Love this idea...

Sunday, October 2, 2011


so i was hoping to have pics to post of the fall cabin last night but instead i ahd a migraine and have been in bed since fri at 3. my other half came home last night and said i think you need to go to the dr so off we go to med one which is closed they changed their hours to 5 on sat instead of 8 (it was 6). my only option was the er. we go check me in and i wait 2 hours!!! i told my other half "i'm glad i'm not dying!" they egt me back there and i wait like another 30 min before a drs aid comes in (i never even saw a dr!?) she says she wants to give me a migraine cocktail =0}. "oh okay sounds good to me but i hate needles " she says i feel thats the best thing so i agree. it was supposed to make me tired but didn't {probably because i had been in bed sleeping for also 2 days!!! my head stopped to a dull ache after the meds and a bag of iv so i got to go home. i txted my sister in law and said this gettin old is for the birds!!! this past week has been bad for me. my first migraine came on tue and wed night into thur i got a uti so thur i was at med one getting meds for that and then fri another migraine came i couldn't even finish the meds for the uti because by fri my head hurt so bad i couldn't keep anything down. what a mess i am. anyways does any one have any home remedies for migraines? i usually get a starbucks if i can stomach it and the caffiene helps with my head but they told me to lay off the caffiene for the uti. so i didn't know what to do.
sorry about all the rambling but this is what i've been upto this week.
marilyn aka grandma p (and i feel like one) :(