Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10/20/10 read at ur own risk gross story

today i thought would be good i got off early and we were going  to my brother in laws for dinner which we did do but it's what happened before we went. for starts my car isn't running again for like the forth time so it had to go back to the dealer. i have had the acr less than 6 months and this is the 4th time its had to go in for service!!! this time it was towed in to the shop but what a mess!!!!!
anyway also i have a stray cat i started feeding last fall well she's no longer a stray she hands out on the porch all day and plays with paxton. well she is an outdoor wild cat so she does all the stuff wild cats do, kill birds and baby bunnies and bring them up on the porch to share,so today my other half who doesn't care for her tells me after he picked me up from work" you have a mess your cat got blood on the chair cushion and the porch!". i said ok i'll clean it up. so i'm looking for all the post and at the cushions so i know how big of a mess i have and she came out of her cat house happy to see me i just turned to go get my stuff but for some reason i turned back around and looked at her. my stomach instsntly went into a knot it was her blood half of her tails has ALL the skin and hair ripped off of it it looks smaller than a pencil i can't believe it didn't break off. it was bleeding a little still. i feel so horrible for her it has to really hurt. i called the vet and they pretty much said it will probably get infected. i should wrap it in a sheet so it can breathe and keep it clean. i said i can barely hold her there's no way i can do that and there's no way i can bring her in it was dead air after that so i just said thank you and hung up.
so if you would please say a prayer for casper that her tail will heal and if anyone has advice about how i should care for her let me know.
thanks so much and sorry for such a sad story.


Bee Lady said...

I e-mailed a couple of people who have or have had cats. HOPefully someone can help. I have no idea what to tell you to do but I feel sorry for the cat. I understand not being able to hold the cat though. We have some wild strays in our yard and there is no way we could even get close to them.


Bee Lady said...

My friend said that she knew of a cat that this happened to and it healed ok. It took awhile though. How is it doing?


Denise * KKL Primitives said...

So sorry about your cat Marilyn, it's been two months now since you posted about is she doing?

grandma peden's porch said...

she's good it healed up on it's own. she seems a little more loving now and she doesn't leave the porch and roam very far for very long. her and paxton really get along well.