Monday, December 13, 2010


i can't believe we only have 12 days til christmas. every morning when i go into work it has been doing the count down. we still are not done shopping. i told the other half that i will not be out 2 days before trying to get it all done!!! if we don't have it done then everyone left will get a check and then they can get what they want.

we were expecting 3-5 inches over thw weekend but only got about an inch but the temps are bad. it is down right fridgid here low tonight is 1 and wind chills -10. it is bitter cold.  the weather man says more snow wed. i kind of wish we would get snowed in for a couple of days i could work on a lot of stitching stuff.
i hope neveryone is staying warm and enjoying the holiday season.


Bee Lady said...

Hi Marilyn,

I'm not done shopping either. I just can't make myself buy everyone more stuff. So my parents are getting gift cards, my sister and cousin are getting a night out with moi'! My nieces are getting bonds to spend when they grow up!

Missed you last weekend at the Ornament Extravaganza.


Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

I agree, we could all use a nice snowstorm to keep us planted in our sewing spaces! But we carry on , getting it all done~ it's fun but lots of extra work!
Have a great holiday Marilyn~ it's been very c00l meeting you thru our blogs!
♥ Eileen

Queen of...Whatever said...

Marilyn...Remember me? I was at the Christmas open house on Kingston.. I like your strait and to the point blog. I do think a revamping is in order...I know a good computer geek that knows the low down on Blog stuff. I still think of the "Ear" story occassionally and chuckle to