Saturday, March 19, 2011

all day workshop

we had an all day workshop and it was sooo much fun. i love it when i get to hang out with my bee friends and the gurlz. i was teaching a make it take it lady bug

and a punch needle pin keep

they are both so easy and so much fun. i have decide being the hippie i am (gosh i wish i would have been around to go to woodstock but any ways) have decided to do the lady bugs in different bright colors. so check back in the next couple of days i will start on them and get pics to post. 

i hope everyone is getting warmer weather  i know we are here in indiana.
have a great weekend and i'll be back 1st of the week.
p.s. keep ja[an in your prayers and don't forget to pray for the little guys (pets).   


Bee Lady said...

Well just look at your blog all pretty and everything!!! I think I'm gonna turn the bees into cottage style peeps instead of them turning me into prims!!!!

Can't wait to see your colorful ladybugs Marilyn. I think I might have to make some. Or maybe I'll make some colorful bees!!!! I will!

Cindy Bee

Reality Jayne said...

Thanks for the class. I love my lady bug. Guess what? I started collecting hair fron my dog....for felting.
ps...I am a semi-hippie too