Saturday, July 9, 2011


Great day today worked a half day and the other half and I headed to Tipton for the French flea market. This the the 3rd year but my first to go. I had high hopes and was not disappointed. There was so much eye candy. Of course I found a sofa for the studio and of course it was sold!!! But that's ok I will find another one. Here are a few pics...

Some of these pics are taken inside the greenhouse at horton's and some are of the vendors outside.
I also promised pics of my loot...

So EVERYONE was jonesin on my picnic basket!!! I'm so in love =}

So we came back to town and went to treasure mart to look for a sofa but nothing well not really I found a light blue painted chair and a sofa I really like but I would have to reupholster it not sure if I want to?!

We also went up and saw the city fireworks as last weekend they were rained out a BAD storm came in and they had to reschedule. So we had a busy fun filled day the only thing that would have made it better would have been clouds and less humidity!!! Nightmare sticky I want to shave my head I can't take it. I am so ready for fall.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and head to the French flea market it was so much fun.

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Rebecca said...

Hello Marilyn!
Coming over to say hello from Nicki's, thanks for posting on the Flea market... I enjoyed your post on it.