Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vaca #2

So things have been a little willy nilly at the homestead. Both of us on vaca we did some cleaning and yard work, went car shopping, spent so much need time together just vegging, tried to make plans to go somewhere but flights last minute were out of control. Thought about going to Chicago(taking the train) which is what I wanted to do but the other half was a no go to cold and rainy this wkend. Wanted to go to Memphis but to far to drive for 2 days. Sooooo we decided to stay home and do a major project...paint our counter tops and put in a new sink!!! The counters take a week to dry before we can even put the toaster and coffee pot back on them!!! And the sprinkles for the counter boy are they everywhere. I will have before and after photos to post tmrw. The sink nightmare can I say the other half major anger issues so frustrated and was about to quit when they finely listened to what I was saying and the garbage disposal came right off. Then we were on the home stretch.

I will also post the new walls from when I painted on my last vaca it's not quit done I need to dry brush brown ov it to tone down the color but I will get those pics up to. Also we dressed the little guys up for Halloween and boy they were super cute so I will put those pics on to for you to see. I've been I busy girl and it's only gunna get worse next week I have my holiday meeting for work and the race is on. I found out this year we are going to be a moonlight madness store!!! Completely different post later about that.

Hope everyone's having a great month the people on the the east coast ( mrs. Eileen glad you are back on grid and hope everyone's safe) I've said a little prayer for all of you so scary the weather.
Signing off for now =o}
Grandma p

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