Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Granny bee Wednesday

Granny bees was so much fun tonight. Just hangin with my girls I felt like I hadn't seen them since the winter woolen which I hadn't know that I think about it.
It was super warm today we broke the record of 79 we hit 81. It was too hot for me setting in the sun. The other half and I took the dogs for a walk and they are pooped. They got so hot all they want to do is sleep.

Love this pear pin keep.

Loving the dark colors of these pillows.

I'm still tryin to get out of my funk. I have so many ideas and want to start stitching and doing some workshops. This feeling totally sucks.


Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Hang in there my friend~the creative process is like riding a wave~I too though never get used to the ups and downs but so welcome the relief of clarity when it finally arrives....Being a self-starter is a trip~♥E

Bee Lady said...

I understand the funk thing. I have a ton of ideas too and I just want to set up my craft room and can't yet. I've been writing them down, but as we've said before, by the time you get to them, everyone else has already done them. So I say for you....just start on one thing. One thing. It'll help. What were you working on last night?

Cindy Bee

jennifer768 said...

Big hugs to you ! That feeling does suck.Love the pin keep it is darling.Hugs,Jen

grandma peden's porch said...

Thanks Eileen for the encouraging words and ms. Bee I was working on a crazy quilt style boot pin keep that "the queen" gave us as a project to practice our stitches on about 2 years ago. Thanks Jen for the sweet comment.