Saturday, January 22, 2011


well inventory at work is over so hopefully i will have more time to do the things i love!!! i'm getting ready for the winter woolen work shop in feb. check out the picture trail at bethsmain street folkart. take class, learn something new. some of us are teaching and we are blessed enough to have ali strebel and sue spargo teaching and vending this year at the show!!! we are SUPER excited =0)

i hope to have some pics tomorrow of the new addition to the family and boy do i have a story to go with them.

i have designed a couple of new purses and cigar boxes i thought about putting them in an etsy store but haven't decided for sure yet what i'm gonna do.

i hope everyone is staying warm we have been highs in the low 20's. i don't mind winter but i'm OVER it!!!! i'm ready for just above freezing.

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Bee Lady said...

I'm over it too Marilyn.. It's snowing out right now....again....they said on the news we have had more snow already than we usually get all season. I believe it.

Can't wait to hear your story.

Cindy Bee