Wednesday, January 26, 2011


well i said i was going to post a story i'm sorry it has taken me almost a week to do it. some of you readers have already  heard it. last wednesday my other half and i decided, it had  been a week and, willow was doing good that we would take her to the pet store and get some food and treats for her and paxton. well for those of you that know my other half will really understand this story  very much a NEAT FREAK!!!  everything in it's place and neat ( mops the garage floor )  well we took off from the house in our brand new challenger went to the car wash and target before we got to the pet store. well we didn't even get the car parked in the parking lot and she throw up on the seat and floor mat. it smelled so bad poor thing she was a nervous wreck. got her in the pet store and she just really wanted to go home. i ended up putting her in the cart as we finished up. everyone thought he and paxton were super cute and wanted to take them home. poor paxton he just wanted to run around and see everyone he's so friendly. we finished up and started home and again we made it to our road but not to the drive way and she throw up again only this time i tried to caught it with the paper napkins in the car. ( that didn't work out so well.) it aws all liguid and it shoot out and went all down into the gear shifter!!! oh boy the other half was not happy and all i could think was how on earth am i going to get this all cleaned up and get rid of the smell. many qtips later and lots of patients trying to get it all it looked a lot better. the other half wasn't as mad as i thought. it took us about 3 hours to get her calmed down she was acting as if she was having a panic attack breathing very very heavy and shaking like crazy. we put her in bed and just let her sleep.
we have decided short trips to get her used to the car  or we are asking the vet for motion sickness medicine.
i have taken her on a few short trips since then and she's been ok.
happy hump day!!!
sorry it took me so long to tell my story.

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