Tuesday, February 1, 2011


the other half and i went to the grocery store last night just to pick up cottage cheese, carrots and potatoes for a roast we made today and OMG the shelves were way empty!!! i decided to take a couple of pics it's been a very long time since i've seen the shelves this empty.we knew we had a major snow storm coming with 2 rounds. we were hearing all kinds of forecasts freezing rain and snow and all snow upto 15-18 inches. what a mess as of know it has been sleeting most of the day and all night. the wind is blowing something fierce.there has been some freezing rain so power outages could happen. tomorrows forecast is snow and blowing wind gusts up to 40 mph!!!

the mall closed early but it took half my day getting that arranged they wanted us to be open all night.

i hope everyone is staying nice and warm!!!
cheerio, marilyn

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Bee Lady said...

I cannot believe the shelves Marilyn! I heard they were empty but I didn't know they meant EMPTY! My goodness. I don't understand why everyone goes crazy. It's not like they don't do everything they can to get us out in a day or two. People think we're going to be trapped for days. I have been in side for days...since last Saturday. I still have a cough but I'm feeling better. Take care,