Sunday, April 3, 2011


 it was nice here today super windy as you can tell by my hair,but the other have and i took the little guys for a walk. this was willows ( blk & wht) first time for a walk she did bretter good.

and this guy paxton what a mess he LOVES going for walks. we took him over the summer to cincy and he loved the city.

the other half took all these pics and then but them in photo shop and messed with them. i think they turned out good.

i worked outside in the flower beds and did some spring cleaning. how did you spend your sunday?

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Bee Lady said...

I spent my Sunday painting...a garage in our new home. Which I'll be doing again today....and Thursday....and forever! Hey I could use as many boxes as you can get. If you can just call me I'll pick them up so they don't have to get broken down. Thanks Marilyn.

Cindy Bee