Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just some eye candy inventory is tomorrow night so Tuesday's going to be the day I hope to post about what I'm into this fall But there's a color them in this post to give u an idea... Hope everyone's enjoying the cool weather I LOVE it... Sleppin with the windows open that 40 deg air makes me sleep so good. Btw I am feeling better but the girls at work are starting to get colds so I'm loadin up on vitamin c. I miss not posting even though I usually just ramble on. The other half tells me all the time " I can't believe you have anything that interesting to read". Some people just don't get it!
Any hoo ; }


Bee Lady said...

Hey there...drinking coffee right now. I love those birds. I think I'm going to have to make some birds at some point. But then, what do you do with them? Seems like you have a lot of inventories at that store. Maybe you should see about hiring "inventory" help. I hope you don't get the cold from your co-workers Marilyn. Stay healthy. I love sleeping with the windows open too.

Cindy Bee

janis said...

hello... ahh another kokomo gal...maybe i need to move to kokomo. i certainly get you gals & need friends like you all. my hubby is out of town, the windows are WIDE OPEN, the dogs are in my bed, & because i work 2nd shift, i am enjoying a little blogworld :)
as i chatted with the strange 3rd shift person that has my dorm when i don't, i was grossing out as she talked about how sick she is...thinking to myself 2 things... need vitamin c & coldease, & im bringing in lysol to clean everything she has touched through the night.
btw~ smiled my big butt off in the rain yesterday (monday) humming "Rainy Days & Mondays always make Me Smile".
Look forward to following you~