Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little woody

So today I thought was going to be a relaxing day here on the home front...but the other half changed that plan. The morning started with the normal house work then turned into a little honey do list while the other half mowed. The leg is finally feeling better after 2 wks of nursing it. I did some trimming, watered plants, cleaned up the neighbors dog poop ( so annoying), and wrapped a gift for a dear friend.

So the other half decided that we need a project for the afternoon(no relaxing and taking a nap for me)
We went from this...

To this...

Now we want to decorate it with something. This would be so we can have some privacy from the neighbor (ya the one with the dog who roams and poops in my yard). Eveybodys got one in their neighborhood. Any way we really like the wall but can't decide what kinda art work or paint we want to do.
So this was my wild Wednesday how was yours?
P.s. The bushy kids are gettin haircuts tmrw
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Bee Lady said...

OK - I'll be the first to say it. I thought this post was going to be x-rated for a minute there! The title, and the other half keeping you busy....ahem....sorry. Hey that fence looks nice. I don't know what to tell you to put on it though...maybe you could crochet or stitch some bunting. Might be cute.

Cindy Bee