Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sleepless in k-town

Went to granny bees tonight and now my brain is a buzzin...I can't sleep!!! Laying here with my note pad so I can jot down my thoughts. We have been working on appliqued beeskeps to practice our stitches on. So my brain started thinking about other shapes this could be done with and I came up with quite a few. Sue spargo did leaves a few years back and now shesnworking on birds which is one shape I had thought of about a year ago but tonight I had more come to mind...owls, mushrooms, skulls and squares. Maybe even triangles and circles. I just can't stop thinking of all the possibilities. It's a project you can start and work on as you wish, pick it up and put it down to come back to later and when they are all done you can leave them all on 1 piece or cut them out and appliqué them onto a bigger piece as part of the embellishment. Just so many ideas and uses for them.

Also I drew up my logo for my birds of a feather project. I just need to get things Rollin to get it started or maybe it's just an idea I will always want to happen. It's hard finding time for my craft with work being so demanding right now.

Also this is on lined paper maybe because of how my brain works I need for something to be on the paper when I draw. I've tried on a blank piece of paper and it's like my brain locks and nothing happens but paper with lines I can doodle away on. Sometimes chaos stirs my soul.
I hope everyone's had a great Wednesday.

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Bee Lady said...

Hey Marilyn,
I know exactly how you feel. I have two notebooks that I have been writing ideas down in for years.

Cindy Bee