Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 home show

the feature home was awesome i will have to do this probably in more than one post there was so much inspiration and i took 80 pictures!!!
i love this center bar the coloring is off in the pic it was more of a deep aqua.

btw the other half said he was over primitive... but he really liked the show home? i said to him do you know how much primitive there was in that house?! what a knucklehead!!!

have been wanting to do this for awhile (have the paint already)

hope you have enjoyed there's more to come.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow so glad I got to come by tonight I love these pic's of the home show. Great ideas and so glad you have more to come

Bee Lady said...

I really liked the home this year too. SO many great ideas.

Here's something funny for you. I wanted to get a picture of that yurt and the blue cabinet too, but my batteries went dead in my camera. I always have a spare pair of batteries, but I had switched purses to a small purse, and my batteries were in the car in my bigger purse. And when I got in the car, My phone went off with a text message, and I said to my Shug, "DANGIT! What in the hell am I thinking....or why wasn't I thinking...I have over 400 pictures ON MY PHONE and I'm fiddling with batteries for my camera! Are you kidding me? Why didn't I even think of taking pictures with my phone. I do it all the time." Sometimes I am just so blonde.

Cindy Bee

Kathy E said...

I also loved that chalkboard wall. That house was beyond awesome.