Friday, January 20, 2012

Green mood

Have you ever put off making a decision and regretted it later? Well I did and I'm mad about it!!! I have this place I go to for thrifty finds and about 2 months ago I went and found this super cute GREEN chair. Well I decided to think about it I have this issue with used never know what it's life was like before you got it (if you know what I mean). So I went back a few wks ltr it was still there and thought what if it smells? Again thinking about it still. Well I went back about 2 wks ago and decided what the heck it's only $5 if I decide it's not for me I'll resale it in the rummage sale. Well you know where this is going it was GONE!!! Stupid me!!!!!!! I can't stop thinking about it and i'm angry with myself I'm so dumb!!! $5 are you kidding me why did I ever question myself? So needless to say it's a hard lesson I've learned I won't do it again. So this post is dedicated to green...

Sooooo angry with myself I hope I will find another one to luv (praying to the green chair gods)
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Reality Jayne said...

You can come and sit on my Celadon green loveseat when it gets here

Bee Lady said...

Don't worry - something will come up that you will love and next time it won't get away from you.

Cindy Bee