Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 peeps

Hope everyone had a great night last night. I couldn't even stay awake to see the ball drop!!! Wth... not sure why but I was so tired the other half said I was snoring.

New year new beginnings new ideas this is how I feel but it's funny we should feel this way everyday. The only thing different about today is the date. Why is it we all think of today as a fresh start? Everyday we wake up we should feel this way. I do it to I think the first of the year I'll do it but really I could do it any day. Just a random though. But I hope to have some changes this year.
-more sewing
-listings on my blog and etsy
-teaching workshops

I love this pic so simple just pieces of fabric with straight stitches everywhere in different colors of thread.

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Bee Lady said...

Happy 2012 to you too. I agree about the new beginnings. I went to a dinner awhile back that Terry Bradshaw spoke at. He said, "in the morning, if your eyes pop open and you suck in air, it's a new day...." He went on, but his point was basically, it's a new day, treat it like one. Make it count. Hmmm, maybe that'll be my motto this year...make it count.

Cindy Bee

Scribe said...

Happy New Year M!