Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So the ipad ap store got the blogging ap fixed and now I can blog on the iPad but the thing about it is all the pictures are put at the end of the post with no text in between. I'm enjoin my time off gettin ready to do a show in febuary the winter woolen workshop. I'm super excited I am really changing up my style more brights and funky stuff. I will post pics as I get some stuff done I have a few things painted but not ready for pics yet. Found this elephant pic and love it...the fabric I think would be lovely as a scarf...what do you think? Well any woo I gotta go I'm helping a friend move and I might be late if I don't get goin. Hope everyone has great day.

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jennifer768 said...

9The elephant fabric would make a lovely scarf.Can't wait to see more of the things you are making.Hugs,Jen