Saturday, June 11, 2011


So I haven't posted in awhile kinda mad at myself. Had my new iPad out back on the patio a few days ago to do a post... You probably know where this is going. Anyway I dropped it!!! Needless to say I'm ANGERY with myself I should have been paying closer attention and not trying to do what I was doing. Anyway it still works but know the side of the glass is all cracked. No warrenty so obviously I will have to get it fixed. Very upset with myself!!!

But on a better note the other half and I put stuff out for the neighborhood rummage sale. We did pretty good considering we did have much to put out I didn't get any time off to be able to get more pulled but I'm hopin the the morning I will get some more stuff out.
We ended up eating a late lunch and tried the new Irish pub in town. I will post on this tomorrow. The inside is beautiful an the food amazing!!!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Reality Jayne said...

crap ! on the ipad mishap......It takes the fun out of your new techy toy...Cant wait for the pics

Scribe said...

Oh wish I could have stopped at your sale... I have to work the rest of the weekend... I would have thrown up over the iPad mishap... but its only a toy and it can be fixed... it'll be ok... good to see you posted!

Bee Lady said...

WHAT? Your neighborhood had a sale and you didn't tell me! I did go for a little while on Saturday with a friend, but didn't have much time so couldn't go to all of them. Dangit! And double dangit on the ipad. That's the problem with all these toys we carry around with us!

Cindy Bee

Reality Jayne said...

My blog will be private after today...If you want to have access sent your email to