Thursday, June 16, 2011


so i spent the afternoon in the studio trying to plan the lay out and how i want stuff situated in it. my other half has started adding stuff in there that i'm worried will stay(ie. pond food, fertilizer, fire wood for the pit) but i said today you only have a few weeks and then i'm movin everything out i want to get this set up how i want it.

sorry i haven't posted any pics i have a ton i want to show but need to get them off my camera and on the laptop as i don't have the adapter to put them on the ipad. i'm thinkin about adding blogger to my phone but i'm horrible at taking pics with it they are all blurry and the ipad camera the quality i think is horrible. the pics look all picalated(? not sure of spelling).

we had a nice storm roll thru this morning (i got a couple of pics too but none to post today) if you know me you know i LOVE rain. the sky was BLACK!!! it was so dark it totally made me smile.
 tomorrow i will try to have a picture post just full of pics.
hope everyone had a great wed.


Reality Jayne said...

Speaking of your ipad....How is his injuries from the fall?

Bee Lady said...

I like storms too Marilyn, as long as no one gets hurt or nothing gets damaged. It did get really dark out the other day during that storm.

Cindy Bee