Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As promised I have some pics!!! Some of it is just random stuff.

My dining room being prepped for the hardwood flooring ( we are changing the wall color to a blueish aqua color).

My studio from the street I just love the lanterns. We are going to paint the floor and the insides of the doors on Friday. Again a crazy blueish aqua color but darker than in the dining room.

This is Casper my stray for 2 yrs. I named her Casper because I never saw her she would see me in the house and run off scared to death. When I started feeding her I should have changed her name. She now lives with my mom inside.

Love this purse it's one from the workt by hand weekend that someone made. (sorry it's side ways I'm just lucky I got the pics on the ipad let alone figuring out how to turn it).

This is Paxton (aka the shoe monster)

Had to buy another pair and have them brought to me by another store mgr because we didn't have my size. BAD BOY!!! 7 prs know between mine and the other half!!!

His moms miss willow. Isn't she cute? Well don't try to pet her she cujo!!! She hates everyone!!! I don't know why because when we got her she wasn't that way. But the boy LOVES everyone so he makes up for her.

Love these I'm Gunnar do a piece like this to practice my stitches on. Of course mine won't look like this these are sue spargo's and she the the stitching goddess!!!

This is a teaser for my next post!!! Awesome it's our local Irish pub cook mc doogals.
Have a great night!!! ;0)


Reality Jayne said...

Your Cujo dog has spots. I like spotty dogs, but why is she so mean?
When is this Sue Spargo coming to Crumble Town??? I must meet her.
I had fun, as always at Grannys tonight. Like your studio

grandma peden's porch said...

I don't know y i think it's because it's her turf. She's not that way at the vets or when we take her over to the neighbors house. About sue who knows she booked out til 2015!!! We may plan a day trip to go over to her studio and yes you would love her she's AMAZING and I swear she knows how to do every stitch perfect!!! Ya bees were fun.

Bee Lady said...

I had fun at Granny Bees too. Thanks again for the scarf RJ - ooooh wait--wrong blog! Just teasing ya! Hey your studio is going to be CUTE! I like those outdoor lights too. Are they old or new? I buy up old lights at garage sales and have my Shug rewire them. Wasn't Sue at the Winter Woolen Workshop? hmmm, thought so.

Cindy Bee

Scribe said...

I think hedgehogs should be the new owls....

Think about it.

p.S. Your "studio" looks hawt.